Here’s a catalogue of the terrain I’ve assembled for a game of Zona Alfa set down in the Moscow Metro.

This is the set-up for my version of the first scenario in the introductory game found in the Zona Alfa rulebook, The Crossroads at Blyatsk. In order to give it more of a Metro 2033 feel, I’ve changed it to Blyatsk Junction.

Train Tracks

Taken from my SupeRetro Toys train set and assembled in a triangle, to make it look more like the crossroads described in the scenario. Model train enthusiasts are probably laughing or raging at how such a daft layout is impossible to act as a junction, but it suits my game purposes. The signals are from Sarissa Precision and the barriers are from Warbases.


For this scenario, I wanted a fairly open layout, to follow the village described in the rulebook. Rather than having walls and tunnels, I decided that Blyatsk junction was fairly open, with tunnels coming off it. The tunnel portals are Ttcombat’s Ruined Grav Lifts. The collapsed tunnels have some MDF offcuts and some signs from Warbases.


The scenario describes a number of buildings around the crossroads, but there’s probably not a whole number of actual buildings down in Metro. I figure as long as there’s solid cover with a large enough footprint, it’ll work. One building I did manage to find that will work is a construction office from TTcombat. This then gave me the idea that Blyatsk Junction could have been under construction or repair and to theme the scenery accordingly.

I also got the Porta Cabin set from Sarissa. The steps are separate and the porta-cabins are two single cabins that can stack as a pair with the steps, or be two individual cabins.

Other ‘buildings’ that worked nicely were a rusty Fuel Tank, a Water Tank and a mostly empty Coal Store from Sarissa Precision. The second, full coal store is from Ttcombat.

The shipping containers are also from Ttcombat.

The Ruined Vehicle

The objective for the mission is to get to a ruined military vehicle at the centre of the crossroads. Easy enough to change – the passenger carriage from my train set sits at the centre of Blyatsk Junction.


The pallets are from Ttcombat, with various MDF offcuts and punchouts repurposed as concrete slabs or timbers. The two blue crates are from Warbases. The little pneumatic trolley is from Ttcombat’s Warehouse Accessories and I think really helps sell the table as a former workplace. I’ve painted it up to look like a trolley from the Spider Lair dlc level of Metro Last Light, which is a stupid level of detail, but since I’ve done it I wanted to point it out.

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